Angler Education

Tips & Techniques

  • Pitching Tubes to Riprap Banks Reservoir smallmouths often congregate close to shore along riprap and rocky breaks into deeper water during early spring. The rocky shallows warm early, drawing bait. Read More
  • Swimming Lures Under the Ice Swimming lures designed to represent real baitfish are great wintertime baits. They tend to work best in clear water and specific spots, particularly during the changing light periods of dawn and dusk, when walleyes commonly feed during the winter period. Read More
  • The Versatile Worm Within a specific range of sizes and actions, plastic worms are the most versatile and most effective tools to use for smallmouths in lakes. The right worm is 4 to 5 inches long and relatively thin. Read More
  • Deep Winter Smallies Smallmouths can winter deep in reservoirs, down to 50 feet or deeper. Wherever 50-foot flats exist, that's where they'll be whether it's in a creek arm or the main reservoir. Read More
  • Winter Bass When it's Cold River currents prevent these waters from freezing when flatwater impoundments are ice-covered. With careful presentations, river largemouth can be caught. Read More
  • Cranking Offshore Structure After the spawn, big bass quickly move to offshore structure, where they hold along humps, ledges, or deep underwater points. They're ready to feed, so whet their appetite with a big deep-diving crankbait. Read More