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Ken Cook

When your next fishing trip takes you to a lake where there’s no structure to pitch or flip, there’s a good chance you can still find plenty of fish hanging out along edges.

Bob Jensen

There are a lot of different ways for an angler to present a bait to fish, but trolling and casting are two of the most popular methods, and also two of the most productive.

Larry Nixon

Pitching has been a go-to technique for anglers for years. But it takes practice. Even if you can’t be on the water, you can still be sharpening your skills to make the next trip a success.

R.J. Abernathy

Crappie fishing is a great way to spend time fishing with the family and to introduce non-anglers to fishing. By targeting crappie around docks and employing these simple techniques, you can be rewarded with a great fishing experience and a fine meal.

Larry Nixon

The next few months will see many anglers across the nation enjoying some of the best fishing of the year. There’s lots of ways to do it, but sometimes sight fishing for the spawning and pre-spawn bass just won’t work. With a Carolina rig, novice and pro anglers alike will be dragging in these rigs in, two feet at a time, right through the heart of some big-bass water.