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ESPN Outdoors Places Toro Winch On Top Gift List For 2009

The newest innovation in the Revo® lineup of low-profile reels is highlighted by ESPN Outdoors as a best pick for 2009 Christmas Gifts. The TORO WINCH is one of 13 products selected from a pool of about 7000 products to be featured this year.

Here's what ESPN Outdoors had to say about the new TORO WINCH…

"If anglers are looking for a small but powerful low-profile reel, it's unlikely they can do better than the Toro Winch.

Based on the hugely popular Revo® design, the reel has a large-capacity spool, making it ideal for saltwater and large freshwater species. The reel has an alloy frame and side plate and comes with 4.6:1 gears."