Get connected with your fishing. The Abu Garcia® Virtual™ rod is the world's first integrated fishing rod that makes it easier to digitally log your catches with the simple push of button. Simply pair the rod with your smartphone via Bluetooth and the ANGLR app. When fishing, a simple click of the integrated button in the butt end of the rod records your catch with location, weather and water data to fully document the catch in your personal and private log book. The data is stored for reviewing and analyzing to make your days on the water more successful!




Gibson Tilley
“I really think Abu Garcia developed the Virtual Rod for run and gun anglers like me. Quickly logging catches and exact GPS coordinates along with current weather and water conditions, helps me understand where the next bite is going to be. I can store valuable information in the ANGLR app about my day of fishing without having to mess around with a chart plotter. The more I click, the bigger my database and knowledge of my hot spots grow. Before hitting the water, I check my virtual logbook in the ANGLR App which helps me narrow down the best spots to fish first.” – Gibson Tilley
Hunter Shryock
“The Virtual rod is ideal for when I’m fishing on a pond or anywhere without my boat, so I can keep track of my catches, waypoints and conditions. I can only imagine how useful this would have been back when I was a kid… I loved keeping a journal of my trips. This product is a great stepping stone and alternative for someone that doesn’t have access to a boat or electronics.” – Hunter Shryock
Tyler Schmidt
“The advancement of technology in the fishing industry within the last decade has been astounding. I have had the opportunity to fish with and catch fish on the new Abu Garcia Virtual rod. Whenever I am kayaking down the river or walking down the bank, I can tap the button on the bottom of the rod to drop a waypoint and log catch data. I don’t have to guess where or when I caught the fish. I can look back and study the locations of my catches, strategize on what patterns the bass may follow for my next trip, all without spending thousands on a fish finder.” – Tyler Schmidt
Cameron Kaihara
“I love that Anglr is now integrated into my favorite Abu rod actions. I can easily take advantage of their app features while also using trusted products. I have been using the rods to log waypoints and catches. I also assign rigs to each rod so I can really figure out what pattern the fish are on. It’s next level.” – Cameron Kaihara
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