Redfish Tactics

Forage choices, and not seasonality will dictate what types of baits to use, when fishing for Redfish. Crustaceans (crabs & shrimp) are the primary food source for redfish during the cooler months. Baitfish such as pinfish and sardines will be the primary food staple for the redfish during the warmer months. The water is warmer, the baitfish are more active and plentiful. You will find redfish in the same areas as you would in the Spring. One major difference is Summer will bring more heat. When the temperature rises redfish will slow down, become sluggish, and behave much as they do in the winter. When this happens, slow the presentation down. Technique: Site cast to fish or to an area where fish may be holding. Allow bait to sink to bottom and then begin steady retrieve, while twitching the tip of the rod.

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