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Slip Bobbers for Walleyes

A livebait leech, minnow, or nightcrawler suspended below a float (bobber) is one of the most efficient ways to target walleyes that are gathered in relatively confined areas. Shallow, windswept rock reefs are one common gathering area for walleyes during late spring and throughout summer. This is a finesse technique calling for light line, usually 6- or 8-pound-test monofilament. To increase the visual attractiveness of the small jighead suspended below the float, anglers often add a small piece of soft bait, often a bright color like chartreuse, orange, or hot red, at the top of the hook or as a body to the jig. Split shot are added up the line just above the hook to weight the float so it slips under without much resistance when a walleye takes it. Thin floats work best in calmer conditions or in slower current. More bulbous floats are the choice in wind and heavier current.

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