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Baitcast Reels

Spool will not rotate when handle is turned

  1. Star Drag is not tight enough to activate spool.

Reel feels rough

  1. Inadequate lubrication on gears or bearings.
  2. Gears stripped or damaged.

Drag will not hold, slips, or is not smooth

  1. Oil or grease on drag washers.
  2. Braided line slipping on spool.

[FIX] Install monofilament backing on spool before installing braided line. (To determine if this is the issue secure spool by holding thumb on spool rim and see if line can be pulled from spool.)
Note: To increase the longevity of the drag system the star drag should be loosened when reel is not in use.

Reel screams while casting

  1. Oil spool shaft ends.
  2. Lubricate level wind cog post on the inside of the left side plate. CAREFULLY remove level wind cog and oil post.
  3. Spool cap tension shims are worn.
  4. Check spool bearings for smoothness or corrosion.

Line guide not operating properly

  1. Line guide pawl and or worm gear are worn or damaged.
  2. Line guide pawl cap is loose.
  3. Possible damage to level wind cog gear.

Thumb bar - Push button will not re-engage when handle is turned

  1. Broken Thumb bar or Push button return spring.
  2. Dirty or under lubricated clutch return system.
  3. Clutch return arm is worn.

Reel exhibits poor casting performance

  1. Spool cap tension shims worn.
  2. Spool tension adjusted too tight.
  3. Check spool bearings for smoothness and corrosion.
  4. Excess dirt or oil on spool shaft or spool lip.

Reel backlashes when casting

  1. Spool tension knob not adjusted properly.
  2. Magnetic cast control is not adjusted properly.
  3. Centrifugal cast control is not adjusted properly.

Gears slip or skip when reeling

  1. Drive gear, pinion Gear or spool pinion damaged.

Spinning Reels

Tangled line when casting

  1. Spool is overfilled with line.
  2. Line size being used is too large for the reel.
  3. Memory set in line.

[FIX] re-spool with new line.

Rough gears or reel makes grinding noise on retrieve

  1. Inadequate lubrication on gears or bearings.
  2. Gears stripped or damaged.

Bail will not close or closes partially

  1. Bail wire is bent out of shape.
  2. Bail spring broken or weak.
  3. Dirt or lack of lubrication in bail arm assemblies.

Line twist

  1. Line was improperly spooled onto reel.
  2. Turning reel handle while fish is stripping line.
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