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the new MAX DLC

welcome to the digital age of line counters.

With the Abu Garcia Max DLC, we’re entering a new era of reels where functional, easy-to-use technology is king. Explore the innovation behind the Max DLC to see how we engineered a smarter, more accurate line counter in a low-profile build.

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Abu Garcia’s new low-profile Max DLC reel is the ultimate walleye trolling weapon.

This compact digital line counter makes it easier than ever to optimize your trolling rigs and create consistent results. Get more baits in front of more fish with greater accuracy, thanks to features like a pound test selector and lighted display. Take the guesswork out of trolling with a reel that does the numbers for you.

Abu Garcia Max DLC

  • Lighted Digital Line counter
  • Dura brass Gears
  • Multi disc drag system
  • 5 Ball bearings
  • Compact bent handle and star
  • DTT warning system (Distance to Tip)


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  • Lighted Digital Line Counter
  • Carbon Matrix Drag
  • Dura Brass Gears
  • 5 Ball Bearings
  • Compact Bent Handle and Star
  • DTT Warning System (Distance to Tip)


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It’s time line counters got with the times.

professional grade. professonal results.

Our digital line counter utilizes intuitive technology to help walleye anglers quickly cover productive water. The Max DLC heralds a new era of line counters, one defined by improved accuracy and greater repeatability. Dive into the features below to learn how this pioneering line counter works on the water.


Troll with confidence from dusk till dawn thanks to the Max DLC’s lighted screen. This light also acts as a strike indicator, alerting anglers to any possible walleye bites.

Feet and meter selection

No matter how you measure distance and depth, let the Max DLC do the conversions for you.

Line size selection

Trolling for walleye is all about the numbers. The Max DLC allows you to select whatever pound test line you need. This gives you greater accuracy so that you can easily hit the perfect depth.

Flipping switch

The Max DLC’s seamlessly designed flipping switch allows anglers to make one-handed adjustments on the fly to get presentations at the depth that’s producing strikes.

Distance to tip warning system

Hardcore weekend anglers and professional guides alike will appreciate this four-stage warning system. Series of beeps alert anglers to the proximity of the end of their line to the tip of the rod, reducing the chance of winding your rig into the tip guide, especially at night.

Sleep mode

The Max DLC shuts off after 15 minutes of inactivity, which means you can squeeze the most juice out of this already long-lasting battery. When the handle is turned the reel will “wake back up” remembering the last reading on the line counter.

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