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EZ Fluoro

Break Strength

2lb | 0.9kg, 6lb | 2.7kg



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SKU: 1260807 Model Number: SEZFFS6-15


100% fluorocarbon! Virtually invisible - sensitive and manageable. Won't absorb water so line maintains its strength and sensitivity when fishing!


  • 100% fluorocarbon for the key fluorocarbon benefits of virtual invisibility, fast sinking, and great wet strength
  • Sensitive and abrasion resistant
  • Good manageability, knot, and impact strength

Compare EZ Fluoro models

Model Number Break Strength Advertised Length Color Diameter Employee-discount Package Count Water Type Sku
SEZFFS2-15 2lb | 0.9kg 200yd | 182m Clear 0.006in | 0.15mm 70 1 All Water Types 1260805
SEZFFS6-15 6lb | 2.7kg 200yd | 182m Clear 0.010in | 0.25mm 70 1 All Water Types 1260807
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