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Screenshot of ice fishing video showing angler walking across ice with drill

It's Time to Fish the Ice.

Sub-freezing temperatures? Foot-thick ice? Swirling snow and howling winds?

Bring it on.

Nothing gets between you and your fishing. Grab the auger and load the sled.

Angler holding Abu Veritas combo in one hand and fish in the other

The bitter cold doesn’t break your spirit. With Abu Garcia, it won’t break your gear either.

Close up of Max Ice reel
Close up of angler holding Max Ice reel
Over head view of angler holding large fish

Conquer the elements with ice fishing gear that’s built to last, whatever the weather.

Max Ice combo staked in ice


Veritas Ice Combo

Veritas Ice Spinning Rod

Max Ice Spinning Reel


Ice fishing angler retrieving catch

Ice fishing isn’t for the faint of heart

but with some basic skills—and a little luck—you’ll be pulling native beauties from the hole in no time.

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Fish in ice water
Ice fishing rig
Angler pulling fish out of hole in ice
Angler holding fish on ice in front of superimposed Abu Garcia logo
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