Abu Garcia Pro Jordan Lee Named MLF World Champion!

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With a neck-and-neck race to the win, discover the gear that helped Jordan Lee claim the victory.

Four different days. Four different lakes. The 2020 General Tire World Championship was uncharted territory for Jordan Lee, but that didn’t stop him from coming out on top. The fishing was fast; the competition was fierce; but through it all Jordan Lee fished with confidence knowing his Abu Garcia gear had the power and durability he needed to just keep fishing. With just a 15oz lead, Jordan Lee claimed the title of MLF World Champion and showed us what it truly means to Fish to Win.

  • 6Years Pro

  • 45Top 10 Finishes

  • 8Wins

  • 4Championships Won

  • $1.52Million in Earnings

With the sensitivity, power, and dependability of Abu Garcia gear by their side, our pros continue to bring home the gold. Discover what Jordan Lee was fishing and why he trusted this setup to help him catch his winning fish.

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“It’s ever-changing, so you really have to have that mindset that just because you did well before doesn’t mean you’ll do well today.”

- Jordan Lee

MLF Highlight Reel: Watch Jordan Lee in action:

MLF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP GEAR This is what Jordan Lee counts on to win:

When facing a diverse set of lakes and ever-changing conditions, Jordan Lee knew he could count on his Abu Garcia gear to keep up. Strong and lightweight design; castability and unwavering performance; sleek and durable build; these are the reasons Jordan Lee chooses Abu Garcia when he knows the trophy is on the line. Shop the gear Jordan Lee uses today.

“There’s nothing I don’t like about the Revo Premier. I’ll throw it on any rod I use.”

-Jordan Lee

The Fantasista Premier rod is truly the cream of the crop; it’s the best rod I’ve ever used in my years of fishing.”

-Jordan Lee

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