Abu Garcia For Life

In 2014, Abu Garcia will re-launch its iconic Swedish made round reels with newly updated editions of its original Record, C4, C3, Pro Rocket and Morrum Swedish-made round reels. With upgraded performance and style, the new line of round reels embodies the trusted durability and engineering that generations of anglers have come to expect.

To mark this occasion a poignant and beautifully shot documentary has been produced that traces the history of one of the most revered fishing brands in the world. The film captures how from the banks of the Mörrum river in Svängsta, Sweden a watch maker emerges to develop the world's most sought after reels. Discover how "Allting Går Igen", Everything Comes Round.

"For Life, The Story of Abu Garcia" was filmed in 14 locations from Sweden to the United States and reveals perspectives from 13 individuals about the company's humble beginnings in taxi meters to memoirs from anglers that underscore the way fishing shapes defining moments in our lives.

Watch the full length film here. Also available on YouTube or Vimeo.

"Chronicling the history of one of the world's most legendary fishing brands was a huge task and we are very excited to give an insider's look at how this company started," said the film's Director, Dustin Hoye. "The stories were so genuine and provided many different points of view for a great perspective of the lives influenced by Abu Garcia."

Highlights in the film include Lennart Borgstrom, former Abu Garcia owner, and Henning Karlssom who began working in the factory in 1940. Henning was just 14 years old when he started with Abu Garcia and to this day, still volunteers as curator of the museum in Svangsta, Sweden. Everyday anglers provide their heartfelt stories which underscore the way fishing shapes some of the most memorable and defining moments in their lives.

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