Not All Topwater Lures are Created Equal

So, it's safe to say that one rod and reel combo can't effectively handle them all.

However, by tailoring your equipment to specific fishing techniques, you can optimize your performance on the water. In that vein, let's explore three topwater setups meticulously designed to handle a wide range of fishing situations and challenges.

Abu Garcia REVO SX Fishing Reel

“Cadence is often the name of the game when it comes to topwater fishing, maintaining a rhythm with the action of your bait”

Abu Garcia REVO SX Fishing Reel
Abu Garcia Veritas Fishing Rod
Abu Garcia Veritas Fishing Rod
Abu Garcia REVO SX Fishing Reel


Abu Garcia Veritas Rod & REVO SX

While it's true that one rod and reel combination won't cover all topwater fishing scenarios, a 7-foot medium-heavy power rod paired with a reel in the 7:1 gear ratio range offers versatility. Take, for instance, the Abu Garcia Veritas Rod, renowned for its fast action, ideal for effortlessly working popping and walking-style topwaters.In topwater fishing, maintaining cadence is paramount, ensuring rhythmic bait action with each twitch. A fast tip on the rod facilitates this, swiftly responding to your motions and rebounding for the next action. Moreover, the fast action aids in accurate casting around cover, essential for lures like frogs and buzzbaits.When matched with a reliable reel like the Abu Garcia Revo SX in 7.3:1 gear ratio, this setup accommodates various topwater presentations. The midrange speed of such a reel enables you to adjust retrieve speed for different applications, whether it's walking a Berkley J-Walker along a dock or retrieving a Berkley Choppo at high speed. This combination offers versatility across many topwater techniques, making it a go-to choice for most situations.

Abu Garcia Veritas Tournament Fishing Rod

“Being able to cover water quickly and efficiently is paramount when fishing a topwater in cover that is a little more dense”


Abu Garcia Veritas Tournament Casting Rod & REVO STX

Moving away from a 7-foot rod for topwater fishing often depends on the cover you're facing. While a setup like the one we previously discussed works well in open water scenarios, navigating through a lily pad field requires a different approach.Frog fishing in dense cover, such as matted vegetation, demands specialized gear. From south Florida to Lake Champlain and the California Delta, thick vegetation poses a challenge. In such situations, a 7-foot, 3-inch heavy action rod, like the Abu Garcia Veritas Tournament Casting Rod, shines. This rod offers the accuracy needed for precise casts while providing the backbone to extract fish from thick cover. After all, getting a bite means nothing if you can't bring it to the boat!With heavier cover, line size also increases. While the 7-foot/7:1 setup may use 15-pound test monofilament or 30-pound braid, opting for 40- or 50-pound braid suits the 7-foot, 3-inch heavy range rod.Pairing this setup with a slightly faster reel, such as the 8:1 Abu Garcia Revo STX, enables swift retrieval, crucial when bass are actively feeding. This setup facilitates covering water efficiently, vital when fishing topwater in denser cover. Yet, there's one more setup you'll want for tossing big baits.

Abu Garcia Fantasista Fishing Rod

“To handle the stresses of catching giant bass on big baits you need a reel that is durable, tough, and powerful”


Abu Garcia Fantasista X & REVO Beast

While a rod like the 7-foot, 6-inch heavy Abu Garcia Fantasista X may not see frequent use in most topwater scenarios, it's indispensable when you encounter situations that demand it—particularly when fishing with large baits.For wakebaits and big swimbaits, precision roll casts aren't typically necessary. Instead, you'll need a rod capable of launching long casts with these hefty baits. A slower retrieve is preferred here, emphasizing strength over speed.Pairing this rod with 20 to 30lb mono or copolymer line is crucial for throwing large baits. The line's stretch prevents the bait from being pulled away when a fish strikes, and reduces the risk of "casting off" a bait during a backlash, a common occurrence with oversized lures and heavy braid. To handle the rigors of landing giant bass on big baits, a durable, tough, and powerful reel is essential.Enter the Abu Garcia Revo Beast in 7.3:1. This reel offers the torque and strength required to land trophy caliber bass. Its slower retrieve complements big wakebaits perfectly, which can often be overworked with a faster gear ratio reel. With 30lbs of drag, the Revo Beast provides ample stopping power to halt trophy caliber bass in their tracks.