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Equipment for anglers pursuing the sport with and unrelenting passion.

Up before dawn and out past dark, you work hard to fish hard. If there’s a lunker lurking, you know where to find him. You'd fish the tournament circuit, only, you might steal the show. Points and plaques are great, but the real fishing trophy? Catching your personal best. From the big leagues to the local ponds, no matter where you like to fish, you fish to win... and we’ve got the gear to help you do it.


John Cox’s
Favorite Setup

“My favorite Abu setup would have to be a 7’6” medium-heavy Fantasista X rod with a Revo high speed reel. I love this set up ‘cause I can cast, pitch, and flip this rod further when paired with the Revo. This is my go-to jig rod.”

Abu Garcia Justin Lucas

“The Fantisista enables me to pick up slack line instantly when I’m fishing poppers or walking baits”